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Video: Job Loss, Medicaid, and HWD Training

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This video offers useful information about the Apple Health for Workers with Disabilities (HWD) program and other Medicaid eligibility pathways when a person stops working.

Susan Harrell (00:04):
For this training, we will be talking about HWD frequently asked questions, focused on job loss and Medicaid and the Apple Health for Workers with Disabilities program.

Susan Harrell (00:17):
“I am eligible for Apple Health for Workers with Disabilities or HWD, and I stopped working. Should I report this?”

Scott Leonard (00:26):
Yes. If you have lost your job or been furloughed, or you can no longer conduct your self-employment work activity, you must report the change. You should report the change in employment within 30 days from the date of that change.

Susan Harrell (00:44):
“How do I report a job loss?”

Scott Leonard (00:48):
Report this change in unemployment to an HWD Public Benefits Specialist through one of the following: You can call in this information. For those who are DDA eligible or who are not receiving Home and Community Services, you can call +1 800-871-9275. For those who are receiving Home and Community Services, the phone numbers are listed here.

Scott Leonard (01:36):
You can fax this information to +1 855-635-8305. You can also mail in this information to PO BOX 45826, Olympia, Washington 98504-5826. If you are not able to pay your premium because of loss of income, you should report this to an HWD Public Benefit Specialist and request a reduction in your premiums.

Susan Harrell (02:11):
“What information should I include?”

Scott Leonard (02:15):
You should include the following: your full name, your client ID, your phone number, if you have one, the date you stopped working and what you expect your income to be in the month you stopped working, and for future months. If you call to report the change, you can leave this information as a message.

Susan Harrell (02:37):
“I lost my job. Will I lose Apple Health for Workers with Disabilities?”

Scott Leonard (02:43):
If you lose your job, you can continue your HWD coverage until your next annual review date, if your job loss is due to an involuntary dismissal or health crisis, and you continue to pay your monthly premium. Now, while you are not working, your HWD premium will be adjusted based on the monthly income you report. If you were working again at the time of your annual review date, you can remain eligible for HWD. If you are not working on your annual review date, you may become ineligible for HWD. If you do not know your annual review date, reach out to an HWD Public Benefits Specialists.

Susan Harrell (03:31):
“If I lose HWD is there another way to qualify for Apple Health or Medicaid?”

Scott Leonard (03:39):
HWD is one of a few different ways to qualify for Apple Health. If you become ineligible for HWD, you can apply for Apple Health through a different eligibility pathway. To apply, you can submit an application online at, or you can call +1 877-501-2233. A loss of Apple Health, or Medicaid, may trigger the state to begin a Redetermination. This is a process to determine if there was another way you can qualify for Apple Health. During the Redetermination, you may receive additional information on how to apply for Apple Health. If you are a DDA eligible and have questions, you can contact a DDA financial team member at +1 855-873-0642.

Susan Harrell (04:42):
“If I lose Apple Health, what happens to my DDA waiver?”

Scott Leonard (04:47):
The DDA Waiver is an Apple Health- or Medicaid-funded program. A loss in Apple Health could result in the loss of the Waiver. However, as noted before, there are already a number of different ways you may be able to remain eligible for Apple Health.

Susan Harrell (05:05):
“How will my unemployment income affect my HWD?”

Scott Leonard (05:11):
The Unemployment Benefit is considered income and must be reported. The change in income may affect your monthly premium amount. Now, HWD has no income limits. If you stopped being eligible for HWD your unemployment benefit, depending on the amount, could prevent you from qualifying for other eligibility avenues for Apple Health or Medicaid. Please check out these resources.

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